Vagle, Wassvik / Vagle


Ten Little Demons



Ten little demons and a jug of wine

One got stoned and then they were nine

Nine little demons all full of hate

One fell in love and then they were eight


Eight little demons shouting up at heaven

One saw the light and then they were seven

Seven little demons kicking against the bricks

One broke his leg then they were six


Six little demons got together to contrive

One disagreed and then they were five

Five little demons headed for the door

One hit the wall and then they were four


Four little demons got inside of me

One got on my nerves and then they were three

Three little demons got inside of you

One got in too deep and then they were two


Two little demons playing with a gun

One shot the other and then there was one

One little demon sitting all alone

Any day now hes gonna turn into stone