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Update 04.11.2016

Volume II out now!
The EP is the second of two releases where Helldorado pays tribute to some of the composers, artists and performers who have inspired them as a band and as music lovers. Volume II is available on CD, digital/online and vinyl (Volume I & II).

 1. Alone Again Or (Bryan Andrew MacLean)
 2. Boss Hoss (Gerald W. Roslie)
 3. Mr. Eliminator (Richard A. Mansour)
 4. Funnel of Love (Charles Ray McCoy / Kent Westbury)
 5. Charro (Mac Davis / William E. Billy Strange)

Buy it on iTunes, platekompaniet, CDON, klicktrack and other quality record stores.

Vinyl (Volume I & II) available on platekompaniet and CDON

All releases available on our concerts. Contact Siggy the Merchman.

Updated 04.11.2016

Volume I was released october 2015. The album is the first in a series of EP’s with songs that has inspired and influenced Helldorado throughout the years. Done with respect of the original versions, but still with the Helldorado-rumble and -twang, and with horns added like habanero peppers to an open wound.

 1. You Only Live Twice (John Barry / Leslie Bricusse)
 2. Beat Girl (John Barry / Trevor Peacock)
 3. Night of the Vampire (Roger Kynard Erickson)
 4. The Wedge (Richard A. Mansour)
 5. Going to a Gogo (Marvin Tarplin / Robert Rogers / Smokey Robinson / Warren Moore)
 6. Voodoo (Christopher Joseph Isaak)

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Updated 19.04.2013

Bones In The Closet OUT NOW! . The new album is vintage Helldorado: It oozes of sorrow, sin, sex and pain. The band evokes the burning sensation of the sun on your neck, with sand grinding between your teeth, lips thirsty for the double whiskey, churning your otherwise empty stomach with the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat drifting pass like a tumbleweed, as a shaky finger fondles the trigger of a Colt 45 under the silhouetted vultures circling the clear blue desert sky.
Here's the tracklist:
 1. Gallow´s Bird
 2. Misery And Woe
 3. Dead World
 4. John McMiller
 5. Please Come Back
 6. Times Of Trial
 7. Bones In The Closet
 8. Two Headed Horseman
 9. ´69 Camaro
10. Lost Highway Motel
11. Johnny´s Song
12. Sixty Seconds To What?

Get it on itunes , platekompaniet and other quality record stores.


Updated 13.04.2013

Helldorado are charging their guns and run a full 6-shooter orchestra for their upcoming tour. In typical Spinal Tap style ex-guitarist and dancer Bård Halsne is back, which, together with Norway's only mariachi trumpet duo, Hellhorns, will take the concert experience one notch higher to eleven.



Updated 23.02.2013

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New album "BONES IN THE CLOSET" to be released on
April 19th, 2013



Updated 04.12.2012

Helldorado is back! Bones In The Closet / Lost Highway Motel is first release from the band since the Sinful Soul album in 2009. A new album will be released in the winter 2012 / 2013. The release will be backed by a tour of both Norway and Europe. The new album is vintage Helldorado: It oozes of sorrow, sin, sex and pain, The band evokes the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat.There is strong tradition of combining blues, country, rock and hardboiled crime. Murder, prison, crime, confession, remorse and punishment runs like a dark stream through the music of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway among others. Helldorado brings this tradition into the new century. Heldorado gives you the music, colours, smells and atmosphere usually connected with the image of southern USA and Mexico. As on their previous albums Helldorado presents filmatic music inspired by Morricone and Tarrantino, epic and dramatic murder ballads, Americana, and Rock Noir. Strings and a horn section is added to spice it up. Under the open sky, the wide and burning hot desert landscapes, Helldorados faithless characters burn holes in their souls

Click picture above to watch new video "Bones In The Closet"

New single "Bones In The Closet" out on December 7th. Click here to order!


Updated 04.09.2010

New official video for Helldorado's song "Hellraising Outlaw".  Click here to watch

Director / Photographer / Editor - Andreas Bru Eide
Writer / Co-producer - Kjartan Nysveen Vagle
Producer - Jan Inge Wiig
Co-director / Visual Effects - Ivar Aase
Lighting Technician - Alexander Ødegaard
Pyro Technician - Roy Hendum

Actors - Kjell Breivik, Janne Norstad and Livar Erga

Thanks to Trafo, Maren Stangeland, Tor Arne Maudal, Eirik Kittilsen, Camilla Bruseland, Jan Wiig, Kjerand Stokke, Jostein Salte, and Stavanger Kommune!


Updated 13.05.2009
New Album "Sinful Soul" out now!!


 1. Steal Away
 2. Your Sinful Soul
 3. Try So Hard To Be Good
 4. The Happiest Day
 5. Cross-Dressing Truck Driver
 6. Sixty Seven
 7. And The Ravens Did Croak
 8. Jump Baby, Jump
 9. Ten Little Demons
10. Gypsy Fair
11. Damn You Girl
12. Hellraising Outlaw

Buy "Sinful Soul" at CDON

Buy "Sinful Soul" at Platekompaniet
Buy "Sinful Soul" at Musikkonline.no
Stunning reviews from Norwegian newspapers.
Click here to read


Updated 02.09.2008

Watch the film "8 corpses and a pair of tits" with music from Helldorado. Click left picture to watch.....


Updated  12.06.2008

The Turkish National Football Team has chosen Helldorado's A Drinking Song as their new Football Anthem for the Euro 2008 Championship.  Click on flag to watch.

Here's even a longer vesion of the song: click here

The very latest version you'll find here

Helldorado's official video to A Drinking Song
is found here



Updated 19.05.2008

Helldorado's new video to "A Drinking Song" is now A-listed on Turkish TV Channel "Dream-TV". It's on high rotation on the channel and it's rated video of the week. . Follow link here to see....

Updated 12.05.2008

Release date for Ballad of Nora Lee in Turkey May14th 2008


Updated 30.01.2008

Helldorado was interviewed by MTV Turkey on 25.01.2008. They talk about main inspirations on their music, studio work, their upcoming album.  Click right picture to watch.


Updated 28.01.2008

Because of the great response from the Turkish audience, Helldorado are doing a small tour in February/ March. See Live Dates


Updated  23.01.2007

Helldorado have returned to Norway after a very successfull visit to Turkey. During their stay in Turkey, they were interviewed by NTV Turkish Television. Click left picture to view.

Helldorado wants to thank our new friends in Istanbul for making our visit unforgettable. Gulsha Guray at Radio Eksen, Necati Tufenk at Kodmuzik, the folks at Yeni Melek, NTV, Ruzgar, helpfull people at Savoy Hotel and all the people attending the concert. Hope to see you all soon.


Updated 10.01.2007

Important message to our Turkish fans: The concert on January 17th is going to be in "Yeni Melek", NOT in "Refresh" as earlier annonced.


Updated 08.11.2006 

Helldorado are now working in Bekk-studio on the forthcoming CD. Release will probably be late summer 2007. In mid January Helldorado will have a break from the work in the studio and go to Turkey to do a gig at «Refresh» in Istanbul 17th of january 2007 in cooperation with Radio Eksen. We are really looking forward to the trip.



Pictured left: Dag recording in Bekkstudio, november 2006
(Photo by Eirik Bekkeheien)


Updated 20.01.2006

Remember to tune in your harddiskrecorders and videomachines to the German 3SAT channel tonight at 00.55 - 01.40. 3SAT will be showing the program Crossroads which tonight features 45 minutes from Helldorado's gig at Harmonie in Bonn on October 18th 2005.


Updated 21.12.2005

Baard has left the band!

We wanna thank Baard Halsne for the things he has done for the band, and the music, and wish him the best of luck with family and studies. See you around, Baard.

We love you - so give us a call and we'll put you on the guestlist :)



Updated 25.11.2005

Just Like Fire from "The Ballad of Nora Lee" is #1 on Radyo Eksen in Turkey, other artists in Top 10 includes Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, Kaiser Chiefs, Alice Cooper, Kasabian and Queens Of The Stone Age. These are strange and pretty cool days, now if we can have the same sales figures as these artists as well please....WDR broadcasted, the two previous weekends, two 15 min live-recordings from the Helldorado-concert at Rockpalast in Bonn oktober the 18th 2005. Early 2006 you can see the full lenght concert at WDR and interviews with the bandmembers.Helldorado has just signed a contract for the release of "The Ballad of Nora Lee" in Ukraina and a tour early 2006.


Updated 06.10.2005

Helldorado at iTunes

“The Ballad Of Nora Lee” is now available at iTunes, so get in there and load up your iPods with dieselrock from Helldorado. www.apple.com/itunes/ 

Nora Lee Tour Oktober: 

07.10.2005    Folken          Stavanger      N
09.10.2005    Kunst           Hamburg        DE
10.10.2005    Clubkeller      Frankfurt        DE
11.10.2005    Ziegel           Zürich           CH
12.10.2005    PMK Bögen    Innsbruck       AU
13.10.2005    ISC              Bern              CH
14.10.2005    Schüür          Luzern           CH
15.10.2005    Kapilio           Langenau       DE
16.10.2005    Abraxas         Augsburg       DE
18.10.2005    Rockpalast     Bonn             DE



Updated 25.09.2005

"The ballad of Nora Lee" is now available throughout Europe. After receiving stunning reviews in the norwegian press, Helldorado is now ready to make hellheads out of the rest of europeans. For those of you who's not able to get "Nora Lee" in your local record store, order it on the web!! Here's a few links to go to: musikkonline , glitterhouse , amazon , virgin , .

A european tour is soon to follow, see live dates section to see when Helldorado comes to a place near you...............

Heldorado is also featured on the front cover of Glitterhouse's sept.05 catalog (picture left)

Updated 05.09.2005
HELLDORADO - NEW ALBUM & TOUR "The Ballad Of Nora Lee"
Releasedate Norway: September 5th
Releasedate Europe: September 26th
“The Ballad Of Nora Lee” is the third album from Helldorado. After receiving astonishing reviews for the two previous albums, “Lost Highway" and "Director’s Cut”, Helldorado now proudly presents stories from their latest visit to the land of sin, anxiety and regrets. After planning this album for months, Helldorado started the recording-process in mid. may 2005, and after two months in Out OfTune(s) studio, outside Stavanger, the band dipped their soar fingersin old malt whiskey and nodded imperceptible with pride to each other. Some may even go as far as saying they smiled. On “The Ballad Of Nora Lee” Dag Vagle has dug as deep as ever within his uneasy mind to bring to light these songs from the land beyond. To take part in these stories, which no one leaves without a marked soul, you can buy “The Ballad Of Nora Lee” here:


Updated 21.08.2005

Finally Helldorado's new album is ready for release.
It has been given the title "THE BALLAD OF NORA LEE".
It has been set for release in Norway on September the 5th,
and in the rest of Europe on September the 26th.

The tracklisting is as follows:
A drinking song
Down to the water
Guitar Noir
Honky tonk aliens
Just like fire
Rock your soul
So long ago
The ballad of Nora Lee
The black winds
The devils kiss
Waiting around to die

Updated 20.05.2005
Helldorado will be performing at The Sivil Ulyd Festival in Oslo on June the 10th along with other artists like Thulsa Doom, Brimstone and Bare Egil Band. The organisation  focuses towards pacifist values, on the work for peace, commitment and creativity.
Updated 08.03.2005
Here's an e-mail we received from Tom Brekke, the manager of Helldorado's record company CCAP:

Hello All

During one late night surfing session I gathered a few links from around Europe with reviews of Helldorado. I had quite a giggle trying to understand what they actually write in the different languages, especially after running the reviews through babelfish (some very creative translations indeed!). Anyway, I think most of the reviews are good, if anyone have more links please share them with me:-)
I added some quotes on some of the links (further down this page) but I was running out of steam after a while, so you´ll have to visit most of the links yourself if you're interested in finding out what they say






Norwegen, ein amerikanischer Traum
Kann schon sein, dass wir gelernt haben, dass es in Norwegen keine Wüsten gibt. Blödsinn. Es gibt sie. Und die Mythen des Wilden Westens haben es auch geschafft herüber über den Teich. Also muss man sich nicht wundern, dass vier Retter des Westens aus Norwegen stammen. Sie heißen Helldorado und legen (ein in ihrer Heimat schon zu Jahresbeginn) hochgejubeltes Debüt vor: "Director's Cut" (Glitterhouse/Hoanzl). Flirrende Gitarren, hypnotisches Schlagwerk, dezente Bässe, Kakteen und unendliche Weiten sind zu spüren. Die Hitze schleicht sich über perfektes Songwriting ein. 16 Horsepower haben aus dem hohen Norden schwere Konkurrenz bekommen und der Gun Club würdige Nachfolger.bef

“Helldorado“ weckt das Gefühl von brennender Sonne im Nacken, knirschendem Sand zwischen den Zähnen, salzigem Geschmack auf den Lippen, zittrigen Fingern am Abzug einer 45er, kreisenden Geiern am stahlblauen Himmel, ein doppelter Whiskey auf nüchternen Magen, der Geruch von Speck und Bohnen, Schiesspulver, Leder und Schweiss. Eine Wüstenlandschaft als Kulisse für ihr erstes Album. "Director's Cut" löst alle Versprechen ein, die uns die vier Norweger mit der 2002 veröffentlichten EP "Lost Highway", gegeben haben. Eine Band, die das grosse Drama nicht scheut, die es in fiebrige Melodien kleidet und Geschichten von verbotenen Versuchungen und Betrug erzählt. Alles klingt nach Hetze, Hitze und Gefahr. Manchmal erinnert das an melancholischen Depri-Blues, manchmal an von grausamen Streichern begleitete Morricone-Soundtracks, manchmal an sich fast überschlagenden High-Speed-Punk-Rock'n Roll mit Referenzen bei Iggy Pop, Jon Spencer's Blues Explosiion oder 16 Horsepower. So wagemutig wie “Helldorado“ hat schon lange niemand mehr in der Genrekiste gewürfelt. Das Ergebnis ist kraftvoller, intensiver, schwermütiger lauter Rock mit Anleihen beim Desert. "Norwegen und kein Ende" mag der Glitterhouse-Fan stöhnen. Aber was will man da noch sagen, wenn man eine solch grossartige Band entdeckt? "Iha" vielleicht?


xpect to see this band in quite a few lists and mixtapes in the years ahead, if they don't end up in jail for a murder on a deserted stretch of highway. Get past the cliched band name and you will find Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" rewritten by Ennio Morricone and members of the Cramps, The Gun Club and 16 Horsepower, only better. Vocalist Dag Vagle owes more than a little to David Eugene Edwards in style and delivery,  yet still manages to make the songs his own.

http://www.sundaylife.co.uk/features/story.jsp?story=598760 (THE BELFAST TELEGRAPH)
HELLDORADO - Director's Cut (Glitterhouse): This is an aptly named album by  this excellent Norwegian outfit - their echoey, gothic take on rock'n'roll drips atmosphere and attitude, and would be perfect soundtracking some Quentin Tarantino flick.
Blood Shack's clattering tale of lust and vampirism sets the mood, and the other 11 tracks are filled with epic quantities of murder, deceit, guts, gore, hellfire and brimstone, all of it leavened with a dark, twisted sense of humour.
There's also more than a hint of Nick Cave in Dag S Vagle's songs and voice, and in a fair and just world, Helldorado would find similar amounts of fawning press coverage and sales. Some chance.


Updated 19.02.2005
New pictures from last weekend's Bylarm-festival in Helldorado's home town Stavanger has been added to the photo gallery
Updated 07.01.2005
New pictures from the December Tour in Europe has been added to the site. Go to the media section to view the latest addtions to the photo gallery.

Helldorado welcomes 2005 in their own special way.
If this is not very Spinal Tap-ish, I wonder what is??

Updated 12.11.2004
The Belfast Telegraph wrote a short, but still a very promising review of the "Directors Cut" album today. Here's what they said:
CD of the week
Helldorado Director's Cut (Glitterhouse records) * * * *
12 November 2004

Crack open the moonshine and hide your favourite Garth Brooks records, here come the bad boys of country rock. Norwegian quartet Helldorado walk a fine country line between threadbare folk, blues and rockabilly, but are more Deliverance than Bonanza in their approach.


Updated 18.10.2004
"Director's Cut" was released today throughout Europe. Should be available at every well-assorted music store around.  To follow the release, Helldorado will be touring Europe in December. Check out the live dates section to see if Helldorado are coming to a venue near you. More info / tickets in Europe: www.encore-booking.de
Updated 12.09.2004
”Director’s Cut” to be released throughout Europe in October 2004
We’re proud to announce that the European audience interested in rock will be able to experience one of Norway’s greatest rock bands very soon. Helldorado have just signed a record deal with the German label Glitterhouse Records, who’ll release the critically acclaimed debut album “Director’s Cut” throughout Europe the 18th of October 2004. We’re celebrating by touring Europe in December to make Hellheads out of the Europeans. See live dates section for tour list. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows.
Updated 24.06.2004
Helldorado are now ready to show their first video, Dead River, which has been taken from their ground-breaking album “Director’s Cut”. The video is produced by the Stavanger-based company “Saft Film”. The video is making it’s debut on the NRK2 this week (get out your cell phones and send V 2031 to phone number 2008 to vote for the video) and will from next week on be seen on ZTV (listed on Norsk listen, Ukens Ferskinger and  Betong).

The band did an outstanding gig on Rust in Copenhagen supporting the film-première on BUDDY in Denmark. Read the review on http://www.lowcut.dk/015_lc/livereview/norge.asp

Local rockers and concert promoters were amazed by the band, and Helldorado has now been invited to play on the Danish festivals Klub Sanz in Århus on July 10th, and on the Gutter Island festival on August the 20th. The album “Director’s Cut” was recently released in Denmark and in Switzerland. In Switzerland the song “Blood Shack” was listed for 6 weeks on the radio station Kanal K http://www.kanalk.ch/

In the autumn “Directors Cut” will also be released in the rest of Europe. Which company who gets the honour of releasing them, will be published here as soon as the contract has been signed…