Down To The Water 

One fine and pleasant day
I went down to the water
And on the banks I came upon
the rich farmer’s handsome daughter
She was young and in her prime
and in a red dress she did pose
All on that sacred ground
she looked just like a rose 

I sat down by her side
and put my hand upon her knee
I kindly asked her if she would
ride along to the mountains free
“Kind sir, if I should ride with you
there’s one thing I must tell
If my father finds out,
he will make your life a hell” 

As I was riding the very next day
Through the fields of her old man’s farm
I was stopped by two male servants
and one of them grabbed my arm
“Tell us sir, where are you bound?”
“I’m bound for the waterside”
“Tell us sir, what’s there to be found?”
“The farmers daughter who shall be my bride” 

“Get out of here you little gypsy boy!”
That girl shall never be your bride,
cause she’s a lady of noble kin,
and along with thieves she will never ride”
Well I cursed those servants
and pulled my dagger out
Their hearts were stabbed by a blade of steel
The whole valley could hear them shout 

I rode up to the old man’s farm
Never before I have seen such a slaughter
I killed everyone that moved,
‘cept for the farmers handsome daughter
Now I must pay for what I’ve done
So I’ll go down to the water
I pray the Lord to have mercy on my soul,
before I get drawn and quartered.