I rode down to the river
As the evening shadows fell
I met up with a Lady
Whose name I cannot tell
Her hair was black as night
Her lips like ruby wine
Her skin was pale and white
And how her eyes did shine
Her eyes did shine

She said Sir won’t you come along
Won’t you come along with me
To a place by the river
Where a pleasure waits for thee
We rode into the woods
Till we came upon a shack
Then we stopped and she said :
There’s no way back
There’s no way back

She took me by the hand
`n pulled me inside
She told me I was gonna be her man
And to her I should abide
She started pullin` off her dress
treasures to reveal
She untied her garter belt
She had nothin` to conceal

I kissed her once and I kissed her twice
Then she whispered in my ear:
All I want is a little blood
And it filled my heart with fear
I felt her canine teeth
Cut through my skin
I felt my own blood running down her chin
Down her chin

I picked up a wooden stick
And drove the stake through the heart
When I saw her eyes roll back
I knew she’d played her part
I threw her body in the river
But that was not the end of the song
Coz on my way back to town
I felt my teeth grew sharp and long