The day had been too hot to love
Too hot to say goodbye
I kissed my kids and hugged my wife
And wished them a safe ride
I cursed the sky

I felt alone and shed a tear
Iíd waited for this day
I couldnít face another year
It hadnít helped to pray, no way, no way

I walked upstairs with the keys
That would make my life unfold
And opened up the rifle chest
The barrel was ice cold, ice cold

I found my silver bullet
I warmed it in my hand

I looked around, I shut the door
My heart was pounding like a hunted boar
I crossed the driveway, walked to the shed
This time tomorrow they would find me dead
Find me with a bullet in my head

I lit my last cigarette
But didnít have the strength to inhale
I was relieved Iíd come this far
My alternative to jail, An alternative to jail
Iíd lived my life on bail

I couldnít bare the thought of them
Leaving her daddyís farm
So my misfortune I would bury
with my tense and shaking arm
A tense and shaking arm
A tense and shaking arm

I knew my life would end like this
Iíd waited for this day
I knew that I was bound to fail
I knew how I would pay
Iíd waited for this day
Iíd waited for this day