Hagfors / Vagle


Jump Baby, jump


Thereís a hole in the ground, as big as a cloud

When you yell by itís edge, it gets so fucking loud

Well thatís where I go, where my echo talks back

Oh, Itís an old conversation that I canít outlast

Just infatuation that died way too fast


So I dig out the words, that are stuck in my mind

The ones that I taste, from time to time

And they bring back the smell, that I miss in the dark

Oh, from a woman whoís skin, tore me apart

But down by the hole Iím still close to the mark


So I call out, out to my love, so long sheís lost

And back from the ravine, I hear her shoutÖ

Jump baby jump


I feel nothing but calm, As I lie on my back

The stars start to dance, and my fingers come back

To the body Iíve spent, all my days inside

Oh my heartís had enough, now itís open wide

A desert flower in bloom with dew drops it hides