Gypsy fair


Just before the break of dawn, I saddled up my fine grey mare

In search of my beloved, I rode to the gypsy fair

I looked in every caravan, And many maidens I did find

But she was not amongst them, The dearest love of mine


There’s a fire in the forest, And a ghost out in the pines

Two ravens by the river, And a mournful moon that shines

And when I think of her, I fall into despair

For my beloved, At the gypsy fair


Can anybody tell me, please? Where my darling can be found?

Tell me is she dead , Or does she walk upon the ground?

Words are whispered everywhere, Words are spoken high and low

But the truth about my own true love, They wouldn’t let me know


There’s a fire in the forest ……….


I rode into the forest dark, Where I came upon two ravens black

They said to me that I would never, Get my true love back

She was taken by the reverend, And brought out here, where she was burned

But they whisper out here in these woods, And say she has returned


There’s a fire in the forest ……….